Summerslam 2017; Fatal 4-way Match for Universal Title?

WWE could plan Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns Vs Samoa Joe Vs Braun Strowman for Universal Champion at WWE Summerslam 2017.

There are so many things has been cleared now. The Universal Title is chasing by 3 WWE superstars at the same time. Where Braun Strowman deserved a title shot after beating Roman Reigns. Roman and Joe have settled a match in the absence of Strowman for the 1st contender for Universal Title.

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Both were fighting and tearing each other apart but suddenly here comes the Monster among Men. Braun Strowman made his return and destroy Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns.

Although, He has feuded with Reigns. Putting his hands of Samoa Joe is a signal that things will be settled down between all 3 superstars.

Now, as the match in which Braun interfered was a 1st contender match for Universal Title. Now he must be involved in the title shot.

So now, WWE has cleared the picture that Brock Lesnar is going to defend his title against Samoa Joe, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman.

If this happens, the match would be a Fatal 4-way for Universal Championship match at Summerslam 2017.

Summerslam 2017 is going to take place on 20 August in Brooklyn, New York. It is of the major PPV event by WWE in summer.

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WWE Summerslam 2017; Fatal 4-Way Match for Universal Championship Confirmed:

In the last episode of WWE Raw 24/07/17, The Raw General Manager Kurt Angle announced that the Beast Brock Lesnar will defend his WWE Universal Title against Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns in 4-way match at Summerslam 2017.

It could be a great setup for the Beast Brock Lesnar to defend Universal Championship, not against the one but three amazing WWE wrestlers.

Two of Lesnar's most entertaining bouts since his return to WWE in 2012 have come in Triple Threat matches. His victory over Seth Rollins and John Cena at Royal Rumble 2015 was one of that year's best matches, and the same could be said of his defeat to Reigns at Fastlane 2016 that included Dean Ambrose.

Summerslam's Fatal 4-way match would be one of the greatest matches the WWE Universe will ever witness. 4 power houses will be collided with each other to become the winner of WWE Universal Championship.