Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Jinder Mahal Match Result Predictions

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Jinder Mahal confirmed for WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam 2017. Who will win Jinder Vs Nakamura Match? Check out the predictions.

Shinsuke has won the 1st contender match against John Cena on Tuesday night Smackdown. Now he will face Jinder Mahal for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Summerslam 2017. (Read - How to Watch Summerslam 2017 Online?)

The Summerslam will take place at Barclays Center, Brooklyn New York on 20 August 2017.

Earlier, The 1st contender match has been set up by Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan. The match has won by Nakaruma by pinfall.

The King of Strong Styles hit Cena with a devastating Reverse Explored followed by a head-ringing Kinshasa. The pin came after Cena landed on his neck after a Nakamura suplex, allowing Nakamura to book his next major gig — a WWE Championship Match against Jinder Mahal at The Biggest Event of Summer.

How to Watch Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Jinder Mahal Live Stream?

If you want to watch Nakamura Vs Mahal live streaming, you just need to read this article. Here we have explained the easiest way to watch the live streaming Summerslam 2017 for free.(Read - WWE Summerslam 2017 Full Match Card)

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Vs Jinder Mahal Match Predictions:

Shinsuke is known for best in-ring fighting techniques. On the other hand, Jinder is a perfect opportunist. He is having Singh Brothers who are assisting him all the time to secure the belt.

At Battleground 2017, The Great Khali has also joined the party to save the belt for his Indian origin brother.

Nakamura is fans favorite whereas Jinder is a hated WWE Wrester. Nakamura is far better than Jinder if we compared their in-ring skills.

The Only thing that will go is Mahal'sfavoritee is his assistance. It will not be easy for Nakamura to get away from 7 feet Giant The Great Khali.

Moreover, It is the 1st time when Nakamura is in the WWE Title picture. So maybe WWE is planning to stretch the feud a bit longer.

Earlier this year, Jinder Mahal defeat Randy Orton at WWE Backlash 2017 to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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